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This project was implemented as part of the Games Programming module at my MSc course in Hull. It was a group project and it was by far the most fun I had during that course. The concept was to create an actual game with menus, multiple levels, full blown game mechanics, everything. Moreover our final PC game would have to be ported to the Nintendo Gamecube. And that's exactly what we did, notably managing to produce the second best game in our class (out of 6 groups in total)! The game design was provided by Steve Ince, a professional game designer (ex-Revolution). As I said I can't say what it is about but so that you at least get an idea imagine something between Lemmings and Sheep . The game also included an in game level editor. Our idea was to create the level editor using the game's rendering engine, instead of an external tool, so it will be available to the player. And in doing it this way we also managed to port the level editor to GameCube version too!

Involvement Details:

For this project I assumed the double role of Graphics Programmer/3d Artist and my responsibilites where crafting the rendering engine, model loading, animation, camera, particle effects and making sure all of those plug in to the game engine efficiently. I also participated actively during the software design process and suggested plenty of design ideas that eventually made it into the game. Lastly I had to create a bunch of models in Maya. The screenshots on the right are not actual in game screenshots (due to NDA restrictions) but the final game is almost identical. They are actually rendered images I created in Maya which we used for prototyping purposes in the early stages of development.

Features: Custom Model File that supports on-the-fly definition of reflective surfaces and storage in display lists for efficiency - Scripted Particle Engine for highly customizable Particle Effects



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Level Distant Camera Redbot Closeup RedBot

Skills Practiced / Knowledge Acquired

Group Developing - Game Engine Design - Graphics Optimization Techniques - Scripted Particle Effects - OpenGL Environment Mapping Techniques - General Game Development Process - Game Oriented Software Engineering - Nintendo Gamecube Development - Porting - Demonstration Skills and Progress Report Writing


Note: If you require a copy of this software for interview purposes please contact me.


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