HLSL Shaders




This project was implemented as part of the Advanced Graphics module at my MSc course in Hull. The module started off with general advanced graphics theory (Curves, Bezier Curves NURBS, Ray Tracing, Radiosity etc) and closed with a nice big section on Shader Languages (GLSL, HLSL, Cg) with specific focus on HLSL and the use of the Rendermonkey platform. For the project we had to experiment with shaders in Rendermonkey and implement several shader effects.


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Skills Practiced / Knowledge Acquired

Parametric Curves (Bezier, NURBS) - Pixel/Vertex Shaders - HLSL - RenderMonkey - DirectX Effects Framework - Basic Illumination (Lambert, Blinn, Phong) - Bump Mapping - Parallax Mapping - Reflections / Refractions - Shader Particle Effects - Water - Anisotropic Lighting