Table Tennis




This project was implemented as an assignment for the Simulation and Distributed Software module of my MSc in the University of Hull. The key focus was on physics, threads and networking. Being a table tennis enthusiast myself I was excited by having the chance to create a table tennis game that would suit my needs as a player. It was an excellent learning experience on all three key subjects and in the end of it all I had this nice demo to show and (mainly) play with :)


table tennis menu single table tennis spectator view table tennis spectator view

table tennis single player table tennis multiplayer menu table tennis active cam

Skills Practiced / Knowledge Acquired

Game Engine Design - UML - Collision Detection - Collision Response - Bounding Volumes and Intersection Tests - Dynamic Intersection Tests - Euler Integration - Runge Kutta Motion - Springs/Dashpots and Cloth Simulation - Windows Sockets - Data Marshalling - Threading Sockets - Windows Threads - Concurrency - Thread Safety - Mutexes - Semaphors - Shared Memory - Critical Areas and more.


Gameplay Video

Playable Demo