This was my final year project for my BSc degree. It was developed for the CAVE system at the Exhibition Center of the Foundation of Hellenic World in Athens, Greece. An OpenGL|Performer platform was utilised to project Virtual Reality reincarnations of ancient Greek cities on the walls of the CAVE system. Those 3D worlds conained an abundance of .XSI models (the SoftImage format). This XSILoader was used to quickly preview the artists' work and interfaced with the Performer platform in order to load the models in the 3D scene. The loader supported most of the file format's non animation related attributes (materials, textures, hierarchies etc). As a final year project it got me a grade of 10/10 and the software is still used on a daily basis at the Exhibition Center of the FHW.


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Skills Practiced / Knowledge Acquired

File Parsing - Model Loading - OpenGL - Report Writing - Group Developing in a Large Scale Organization - Familiarization with the Production Pipeline.