Zargon Lair




This was the first assignment I implemented at my MSc course in Hull. A joint assignment for the Graphics and C++ modules. When I first read the specs I was astonished at how much they wanted us to do but I was also pleasantly surprised as it was the first time I realised this was a no-bull course. Later on there were plenty of chances to verify my conclusion :). In the end of it all I managed to pull it off quite nicely earning a 70 for the Graphics and a 60 for the C++ part.

Brief Description: First Person Shooter set deep in an undeground labyrinth on an alien planet. The player takes the role of a space marine with the mission to fight through the Zargon guards and destroy the generator in the center of the complex. To get there he has to find the electronic keys that unlock the transparent doors that block his path.

Features: Planet Exterior - Alien Skybox - Interactive Items - Simple Enemy AI - HUD - Particle Effects(Explosions,Projectile Trails,Wall Debris) - World Loaded from Custom Format Asset File


table tennis spectator view table tennis spectator view table tennis single player

table tennis multiplayer menu table tennis active cam table tennis menu single



Skills Practiced / Knowledge Acquired

Game Engine Object Oriented Design - OpenGL Graphics Techniques - Particle Systems - Input - Collision Detection - Custom Format Asset File Parsing - Game Oriented C++ Programming - UML

Note: Due to the large size of the graphics used in this demo it may take some time to load and/or have performance issues on low end machines.



Zargon Lair Trailer

Zargon Lair Demo