Below you can find some of the more important projects I’ve worked on
until now. Feel free to contact me about details on any of them.


Zargon Lair

Zargon Lair

This fun first person shooter was probably my first serious attempt at a full blown game (as far as game mechanics go). It features fps game-play, custom level loading, lighting, particle effects, collision detection etc. Details

Table Tennis

table tennis

A very interesting project that introduced me to the fascinating worlds of networking and multithreading. Features? Real time collision detection/response, cloth simulation, multiplayer mode that supports two players and many spectators, scoring and game-play logic to name a few. Parts of the simulation (like the physics) are threaded. Details


Undisclosed Title
Undisclosed Title project concept art

This is probably the most serious (and fun - talk about oxymorons) game development project I’ve took part in thus far. For this one I worked in a group of 6 people to implement a game design provided by a big-time game designer (hence the hush-hush title ;-). Details


AI PacMan

For this one I borrowed everyone’s favourite yellow dot-eater and made him my AI guinea pig. End result: A Pac-Man game that plays by itself! How fun is that?!? (more fun than it sounds I swear!). Details

HLSL Shaders

Zargon Lair

This project gave me a chance to explore the fabulous world of Shaders. And what an exploration it was! Cool looking graphics running efficiently straight off the GPU! What else can a games programmer ask for? Details


Custom Model Loader

My very own custom format model loader (based on the popular .obj file format). Exclusively written to support cool little extra things like reflective surfaces and display lists. Details


xsi box

Probably the project that set me off to this life of game development :). A real-time OpenGL .xsi file viewer. Also, my undergrad Thesis. Details

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